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There are always leaders in the workplace  – the trick is to find them in the rubble. As a leader yourself, how do you go about finding the needle in the haystack and them maximising that potential for greatness? What can you do to ensure it works wonders? 

After speaking to the leadership training experts at Inspire Tribe, we have a few ways in which you can maximise the potential leaders of your workplace to take the next step and help your business (and themselves!). 

Make Them Solve Hard Tasks

Handling pressure is something that leaders face on the regular. So throw the odd hard task at the employee now and then and see how they react to it. See how they are able to manage the expectations and whether they can do the job to the best of their abilities. The harder the task, the better the challenge for them – and the better result they provide, the more you can assess them. 

Provide Them With A ‘Leadership’ Task

Sometimes a way to see if an employee is up for being a leader is to ensure they can actually do the job. When a small task or project comes around, give the responsibilities to them (by not breaking the hierarchy that might cause problems). You can see how they will react and how they will handle the extra responsibilities. 

Give Them Training 

Sometimes in the world of the office place, you might not have time to dedicate yourself to helping your employees grow as leaders. That is why many people send their workers to get training, through professional executive coaching companies. These companies, such as Inspire Tribe, are great to motivate employees and get them to expand their potential. Better yet, there is a range of training options to select from that will focus on the niche that will improve your employees. This can be anything from vocal training to emotional intelligence leadership training. 

Mentor Them By Leading Well 

There is nothing more inspiring than seeing a leader take charge and handle the situation. It inspires confidence and the ability to embrace what is happening. When employees see their mentors do this, and lead well, it triggers something in them to be like them. One of the best ways to ensure that an employee is able to maximise their leadership abilities is to mentor them in the right way; to showcase to them how it is done. Whether that is by holding their hands during the process or showing them from a distance, mentoring them can make a huge difference. 

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