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High touch Leadership Coaching Melbourne is a unique practice, grounded in the knowledge of leading by example, that empowers individuals to transform their negative behaviors into positive ones. Coaching is about empowering individuals to make informed decisions based on sound business principles and solid leadership skills. If this is taught by someone who has been there and done that, then it is training that is truly effective. Coaching empowers leaders to learn new skills and to gain new perspectives. In doing so, it provides a priceless asset to organizations seeking to improve their performance, while reducing overall customer frustration and restoring customer satisfaction.

High touch leadership coaching focuses on transforming negative behaviors into positive ones, which is to say transforming ineffective or inefficient behavior to one that is more productive and aligned with company goals and objectives. This requires that leaders become aware of how their behaviors affect others and how their actions translate into results. It also requires that leaders become aware of how their environment affects them as well. Leaders are able to do this through self-reflection, awareness of their own emotions, and the acceptance of others’ emotions and behaviors. A major component of high touch leadership coaching is that it seeks to assist leaders in developing interpersonal skills that will enable them to be effective leaders. These skills include:

Leaders must first develop a clear working plan that clearly identifies their short-term and long-term goals. Next they must identify and document specific goals that are necessary for completing each stage of the plan. The final step is to develop detailed and comprehensive action plans that include timelines, benchmarks, milestones, and specific tasks that must be completed in order to meet desired objectives. These plans must be shared with key stakeholders.

High touch executive leadership coaching also helps leaders develop personal life skills that will enhance their effectiveness as leaders. These include developing effective communication skills, gaining an understanding of how and why certain behaviors become successful or unsuccessful. Leaders are taught to think creatively and to manage emotion effectively. By practicing these strategies on a daily basis, leaders learn how to improve their personal lives.

Developing a positive vision and purpose for the organization is another important factor in executive leadership coaching. Leaders must believe in the mission of the organization and continually evaluate its performance. A solid leadership coaching program encourages leaders to consider the contributions of other people in achieving the organization’s goals and objectives. This ongoing support is critical to maintaining optimal performance and achieving organizational goals.

Overall executive coaching programs are best learned through the support of experienced leaders who have had significant experience in similar areas. While many executive coaching programs focus on implementing new technologies and tools, these courses are designed to build on and utilize what has been accomplished in the past. The most effective leadership courses are those that emphasize a two-way approach – student and teacher. A mentoring program allows students to benefit from the experiences of teachers while receiving ongoing professional support and guidance.

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