Australia is one of the most popular places to visit in the world. When it comes to guaranteeing that you will have a fun time and explore a world outside of anything else you’ve seen, there is no going past Australia. But what is the best way to see the country? 

After speaking to Aus Direct Migration – the best immigration agent in Melbourne – we have two distinct ways in which you can see all of Australia. 

Purely For A Holiday! 

If you want a break then taking a holiday in Australia is the best way to do it. You will have a range of places to see and experience – from the beaches up north to the metropolitan delights down south. With a holiday visa, you will get three months right from the start, so you have enjoyed your time and have fun for 90 days. 

Work & Travel! 

One of the best ways to see Australia is to uptake a work-travel visa. You will be given ample time to see the whole country if you undertake this process. You will be given one-year from the start, and if you undertake farm work, it will be extended to the second year. With 24 months to see Australia at your leisure, you will be able to travel throughout the country, visit the sites, make new friends and establish relationships thanks to your ability to work. It will also help with the burden of the budget thanks to the wages you’ll gain with work. So brace yourself and get ready for an exciting time! 

How Can I Do These? 

When it comes to visiting Australia, there are two ways this can happen. With a holiday visa, you can just turn up, and they will grant you entry. All you need is the funds for the period and an eligible passport from a safe country. 

When it comes to the work-travel visa, you are going to have to apply online months beforehand. There will be a screening process in which the government will overlook your application, including your finances, the reason for visit, health and more. If you pass their screening process, they will grant you entry. However, you might be check upon landing in the country to ensure everything is correct regarding your details. 

We hope that this blog has helped you when it has come to visiting Australia. Do not miss this opportunity to see this amazing country! Get in and see it when you have the chance! If you would like more information, get a free consultation today with our representative.

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