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• Count forwards to 20, from a given number

• Count backwards from a given number, from  0 to 10

• Recognise, write & represent numbers

• Name, draw and describe 2D shapes

• Combine groups to model addition to 10

• Take part of a group away to model subtraction from 10

• Record addition and subtraction informally

• Recognise, describe, create and continue repeating patterns

• Compare capacity, volume, mass, length and area

• Name days of the week and seasons

• Manipulate, sort and describe 3D objects

• Use everyday language to describe position


Recognise and write own name

Hold writing implements using the correct grip

Sit using the correct body position when writing

Identify letter names and sounds

Recognise the beginning sound of some words

Recognise and write upper and lower case letters

Identify & write beginning, middle and end sounds of CVC words

Draw pictures with many details

• Copy sight words

$40 1 hour / 5 per class KinderBound - 4 to 5 Year olds

Preparing children for BIG school and equipping them with the necessary literacy and numeracy skills to achieve success in Kindergarten.  

*Payable up front per term KinderBound - 4 to 5 Year olds Outcomes


Join in and recite nursery rhymes, poems and chants

Join in and sing simple songs

• Recognise that words have meaning and can be read

• Spend time looking at a book

• Know basic book conventions

• Use the cover of the book to make predictions

Recall parts of stories - beginning, middle and end (BME)

Answer and ask simple questions

• Recognise some spoken words with the same sound

Identify and read some sight words

• Identify full stops and capital letters in printed texts