Do you have the confidence to stand up in front of hundreds, maybe thousands, of people and deliver a super speech that inspires them? Can you do it time after time? You probably can’t – and that isn’t a problem! Standing up in front of a crowd of people to give a speech requires a severe amount of skill, passion, and habits!

But these habits can be learned and you can join the best of the best in public speaking like Speaking Out Australia.

So how do you do it? Simple: the more you practice, the better you will become at adapting learning these habits. Once you incorporate them into your skill set, you will be able to stand out and deliver amazing speech after amazing speech.

To give you the platform to secure these amazing skills, here are the best seven habits from inspirational keynote speakers in Melbourne!

Skill 1: They Get In The Zone Mentally 

Just like sports players will prepare themselves mentally before they run out onto the pitch, the same applies to keynote speakers: they get themselves in the zone mentally. Beforehand, they take their time and get themselves ready so they can step out on stage and deliver that killer speech. You can do the same.

Skill 2: They Tailor Their Message

Each audience is different and therefore needs a different approach and tone. So what makes these speakers so good at their job is that they tailor and construct their message to that particular audience. Make sure that you research your audience beforehand and tailor your message to them, so they get the best out it!

Skill 3: They Embrace The Silence 

There are always moments of silence during a speech. The best speakers embrace the silence and use it as a platform for next part. So if you have a couple of moments of quiet, don’t take it as a problem, take a deep breath and go to the next point. A break in conversation also helps build up the next point.

Skill 4: Alter Their Styles 

Much like tailoring their messages to their audience, great speakers alter their speaking styles to propel the perfect message. You might need to be more aggressive or calmer when illustrating a certain point compared to another. While you’re researching your speech, make sure that you alter the style in which you deliver that message.

Skill 5: Nail The First Minute & Final 30 Seconds

The first minute and the final thirty seconds is what keeps your audience hooked! If you start off with a bang, your audience will be on edge listening to you. If you nail the final thirty seconds, your audience will walk out of the room with your message deep in their head. Always finish on a strong note that is catchy and engaging!

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