You’ve purchased your new digital menus, ready for your customers to enjoy the convenience and fun of the digital menu age – chances are you’ve invested a good amount of time and money into these upgrades.  Have you thought about your return on investment?  Being such a new innovation, you may not have seen much about returns on investment for restaurants switching to digital.  If you’re worried about your return on investment, we’re here to put your mind at ease!  Here’s what you need to know about your return on investment for digital menus!

Digital Menus Will Save You Money

Aside from convenience, saving money is one of the best reasons to switch over to digital menus.  While it may seem like a larger investment (and we have some options that you may find surprisingly inexpensive), we promise that they’re worth the investment.

Rather than printing countless menus every year with each and every change, you can save time and money by opting for digital menus.  For a small monthly cost, you can drastically reduce your costs for printing and distributing new menus throughout the year.  If your restaurant has multiple locations, those savings are even bigger!

Depending on how often you were printing menus, and depending on how much those reprints cost you based on paper quality, print size, and number of menus, you can have a quick turnaround on your return on investment.

Increase Your Sales

Customers are looking for convenience above all else – digital menus give them just that.  With just a tap of the screen, your customers can order what they want, when they want, without having to wait.  

By making ordering so easy, you’ll notice an increase in sales and get a quick return on your investment.  Displaying high-quality pictures on your digital menus are a great way to show your customers just how incredible your food really is.

Digital Menus are Easily Customisable

When you think about return on investment, think about how the product improves your business – digital menus provide seamless flexibility and customisation.  With a few clicks, you can easily change your menu and update your restaurant’s offerings without having to wait for new menus to print.

The ease of customisation will allow you to have a wider range of offerings on your menu – things like seasonal rotations and daily specials will become much more cost-effective to do, providing your customers more selection.  

You’ll also notice flawless transitions from your lunch to dinner menu.  You won’t need to collect all of the menus and set out new ones once your dinner hours are reached.  Simply program the menu to switch at a certain time, and the digital menu will take care of the rest.

Digital Menus Mean Better Productivity

When you invest in a digital menu system for your restaurant, you’re also investing in a more productive workforce.  Whether you choose full-menu service with tablets at the table or simply want your waiters to use tablets to capture orders, a digital menu system increases the efficiency and productivity of your restaurant staff.  

Rather than bringing the order on a hand-written ticket back to the kitchen, the order is automatically in the kitchen as soon as the order is placed, which can cut down on wait times and increase customer satisfaction.

Digital Menus Mean Less Mistakes

Order accuracy is extremely important in the restaurant business, and digital menus can drastically cut down on unnecessary mistakes.  By allowing your customers to place the orders themselves, they’re getting exactly what they want, which creates a better customer experience.

These are just a few ways that you’ll quickly regain your investment in your digital menu system.  As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to go digital – to find out how your restaurant can go digital, contact us today for more information. 

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